Thank you to those who responded to the call for prayer on Friday and Saturday.  Our first reading from Isaiah captures well the indignities suffered by our Lord during his Passion.  It is an invitation for us to unite ourselves to him – “whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”  Thank you, also, to the many parents and volunteers who have gone through the Protecting God’s Children training and VIRTUS ongoing training.  The Pennsylvania Grand Jury report showed drastically fewer (one is too many) offenses after 2002, which suggests that the training is making our kids safer.  Thank you for those who speak up when concerns arise.

Our pastoral region will be hosting family promise at St. Julie’s beginning Sunday, September 30.  It is a big undertaking.  Thanks for those who are helping, if you want to know more or would like to help in the future call St. Julie’s office to get contact information for Stephanie Roberts.

As the new school year begins, we acknowledge the important role in spiritual formation served directly by teachers and catechists in PREP, in our parish schools; and by the modelling of virtue by Christ’s disciples who teach and work in public schools.  This weekend is catechetical Sunday and all teachers will receive a blessing.  Principals of our Catholic schools will be on retreat Monday and Tuesday to strengthen them for their leadership role.

Join us tonight (September 16) at 6pm for a family game night as part of our youth ministry!  Next weekend I will be away with our youth ministers for a LifeTeen training conference.  We will come back excited to work with volunteers to serve the youth of our pastoral region.

Jesus calls us to be good neighbors.  Consider being part of Hamilton’s Bridging Neighbors event 4pm next Sunday, the 23rd.  A week from Thursday, the 27th, is Badin’s Hall of Honor.  I have a wedding rehearsal during the beginning, but hope see some of you there later in the evening!

Come, unite ourselves to our beautiful Savior!

In Christ,

Fr. Rob