Next weekend is Respect Life Sunday.  All Christians are prophets by virtue of their baptism—by prophet is meant one who speaks the truth and helps others to recognize the values that make for a truly humane culture.  While medicine and technology bring many benefits, they can depersonalize and threaten vulnerable groups—the unborn, the elderly, et al.—if those technologies are not used responsibly.  That is where our prophetic witness as Christians comes in.  Next weekend you can make an offering to support pro-life organizations throughout our archdiocese.

One group that has been outstanding at healing hearts through peaceful, prophetic witness is 40 Days for Life.  The groups’ humble beginnings, the God-incidences, the lives saved from abortion, and the spiritual fruit reveal its inspiration by the Holy Spirit.  Consider learning a little about it .  It’s simple: 40 Days of prayer and fasting for an end to abortion, occurring twice each year.  The fall campaign begins this Wednesday, September 27.  In recent years, I have prayed outside an abortion clinic in Sharonville as part of a 40 Days for Life Campaign.

St. Peter’s school will have their first EPIC community night for the year this Tuesday.

It’s the time of year for banquets where organizations recognize outstanding members.  On Wednesday night Badin High School will recognize recent inductees to their Hall of Honor.  On Thursday, Ann Dennett, a St. Julie parishioner, will be honored at the YWCA Banquet for her work with the German Village Association.  Even with such recognition, it’s easy to overlook all the ways that members of our pastoral region give back to their communities.

Next Wednesday, October 4, missionaries from the Neocatechumenale Way will begin a series of talks on the healing power of Jesus today.  The talks will be on Mondays and Wednesdays at St. Joseph church. What a joy to know, love, and serve the good God!

In Christ,

Fr. Rob