It’s nearly October.  Some awesome Saints have their feast day in October: St. Therese the Little Flower (2nd), St. Francis of Assisi (4th), St. Teresa of Jesus (15th), North American Martyrs (missionaries to Indian tribes in the Great Lakes – 18th), St. John Paul II (22nd), St. Jude (patron Saint of hopeless causes – 28th).  I encourage you to learn about one of them this week.  If you or your child is in grade 6-8 learn about some of the Saints at our jr. high youth ministry kickoff on October 28.  The high school kickoff is a scavenger hunt on October 21.  In honor of the miracle of the sun, a Rosary Rally will be held at noon on Saturday, October 13 at Sutherland Park (Park St. & D Street).

From what I saw at the LifeTeen conference last weekend, there is tremendous potential in youth ministry.  The youth group core team meets this weekend, Sunday 7pm at St. Peter’s.  We are still looking for dedicated volunteers to help our youth.

In our first reading, Moses, leader of the people hopes: “Would that the Lord might bestow his spirit on them all!”  As in his day, leaders in our day need assistance from lay leaders.  One way members of our region, led by the Spirit, assist me as pastor and leader is by serving on their parish’s pastoral council.  St. Joseph Pastoral Council meets on Wednesday of this week.  St. Peter’s Pastoral Council will meet on the 16th.  I will meet with the council chair this Friday to set the agenda.  If you have a recommendation / concern (St. Peter’s) for pastoral council send an e-mail to