Wednesday, September 9 is the feast day for St. Peter Claver, a Jesuit who ministered to African slaves when they arrived in Columbia from their arduous and harrowing journey across the Atlantic Ocean.  The archbishop has asked that prayers be said that day for peace in our communities.  St. Peter Claver’s heroic charity is a reminder to us of who our neighbor is.  He recognized the dignity of these Africans, at a time when many disregarded that dignity for greed or for convenience.

This Friday strikes a very somber day.  It is the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers.
Many heroes served that day – policemen and firemen and chaplains – in addition to the civilians aboard the planes and in the towers when they fell.

Not only that, Archbishop Schnurr has asked that September 11 be a day of prayer for victims of abuse.  His first call to do so came two years ago in wake of the revelations of abuse and pederasty by Theodore McCarrick, who has since been removed from priestly ministry and stripped of his titles.  Last year and this year our archbishop has asked for a day of prayer on the Friday nearest to September 14 (Feast of the Holy Cross).  Please make an effort to fast and pray on Friday.  The churches will be open for private prayer.  Healing is difficult for victims; they need our prayers.  “When one member suffers, all suffer with him.”

St. Peter’s and St. Joseph’s pastoral council will meet again this week (and St. Julie’s next week).  Our opening night for youth ministry is next Sunday, September 13.  We hope to see your children there!  More information on the last content page.

Mass for Labor Day will be celebrated at St. Peter in Chains at 9am.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob

Cuidemos la salud de los niños. Ahora que están en clases hay más posibilidad de contagios.  Gracias por usar cubre boca y seguir las indicaciones.  A partir de hoy no celebraremos misa en español los lunes.  Continuaremos celebrando misa los viernes a las 7:30 pm.  A partir del domingo 13 la Misa en el Fenmont va a empezar primero, a las 11:45am; mientras, la Misa en la iglesia va a empezar a las 12pm.  Padre Miguel empezará un estudio de la Biblia los jueves.  Vean adentro para más información.

Este viernes nuestro arzobispo nos llama a orar por las víctimas del abuso.  Ellas y sus familias sufren mucho y necesitan el apoyo de nuestras oraciones.  No tendremos un servicio especial pero la iglesia estará abierta hasta las 8:30pm para oración personal.  Celebraremos la Misa en español a las 7:30pm como todos los viernes.  Recordaremos a los afectados durante la Misa.

Que Dios los guarde.

En Cristo,

Fr. Rob