I am asking you to pray for healing and reparation on Friday and Saturday this week.  This Friday the Church celebrates the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross.  It was through the Cross that Jesus destroyed sin and death.  It was through the passion, the afflictions that he persevered and on the third day rose triumphant.  It was in handing himself over on account of our sins that he manifested the full extent of his love.  It is fitting that Archbishop Schnurr and I call for this to be a special day of prayer for reparation and strengthening of holiness.  On account of our sins and the sins of poorly formed priests, Christ’s body, the Church, is enduring many afflictions.  The Cross led to the Resurrection and to showing forth the power of God.  So, too, as the Church learns, grieves and heals through the present afflictions, she will learn to rely not on her own strength and show forth again the power of God.

The Cross affected no one more deeply than it did Mary, Jesus’s mother.  Therefore the following day commemorates Our Lady of Sorrows.  She was cut to the heart by the death of her son.  As a loving mother, Mary is cut to the heart as she feels the pain of the abuse victims – her beloved children.  She mourns for the spiritual death of the priests who abandoned our Lord, were unfaithful to the Church, and betrayed the trust of her members.  She also wants to stand by and strengthen the many faithful priests who do show forth the love of the Heart of Jesus.  I am asking that Saturday, too, be a day of prayer, in hope that Mary’s tears help to purify the Church.

St. Julie Billiart’s pastoral council will meet on Tuesday of this week.

The meeting for parents whose children are preparing for confirmation is this Wednesday, 7pm at St. Peter in Chains cafeteria.

O Jesus, who bore the wounds from the crown of thorns, heal the wounds in your Church, whom you redeemed by your Most Precious Blood.

In Christ,

Fr. Rob